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Aquarium Water Pumps, NEWA®, EHEIM and Aquarium Plumbing Ltd. NewaJet, CompactON and Compact+. Large return Pumps up to 18,000 ltrs. All from Aquarium Plumbing Ltd.

We have a brought together a range of aquarium water pumps from a number of top manufacturers NEWA®, Eheim and ourselves, to enable you to give your live stock the best water quality possible. We specialise in aquarium water pumps, NEWA®, Eheim, which complement our aquarium plumbing parts. All of our aquarium water pumps NEWA®,Eheim are fish and invert safe and can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums up to 35°. Please ensure you order the correct aquarium water pump taking into account the required flow rate and the head of water. We are an approved retailer of NEWA® pumps which all have a two year guarantee. Eheim pumps and filters have been renowned for their technical innovation, elegant design and reliability. We have also brought together a range of large return pumps which can hadle 18,000 ltrs per hour at a large head of water NEWA® aquarium pumps are so well made that they have given them a two year guarantee.

Full range of Eheim Pumps

Full range of NewaJet Pumps

Full range of Large Aquarium Pumps

Aquarium Plumbing, PVC-U Aquarium Plumbing, Salt Water, Fish and Invert Safe

We specialise in PVC-U aquarium plumbing and fittings. All of our aquarium plumbing is fish and invert safe and can be used in fresh or salt water systems. We supply imperial and metric systems which are compatible with Deltec, Aqua Medic and any other European equipment. The imperial system will require a imperial to metric adaptor. Metric systems are specified by the external diameter of the pipe and the internal diameter is eroded by the wall thickness so the inside diameter is not guaranteed thus depending on the make of pipe it is hard to work out flow rates. Imperial aquarium plumbing is specified by the internal diameter of the pipe. For example 1.5inch pipe will have a minimum internal diameter of 1.5inches and a fixed external diameter of about 48mm. Depending on the wall thickness you will in fact have a larger internal diameter than 1.5inches.

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  • Plumbing suitable for fresh and salt water systems.
  • All plumbing fittings compatable with most equipment.
  • Both Imperial and Metric systems available.
  • Piping sold in meter lengths.
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  • Our staff over 15 years experience in aquarium plumbing.
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